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What is the 12 weeks to WOW all about?

Basically, it’s Personal Training for the Skin.

For many years, millions of people have successfully changed their lifestyle to achieve fitness goals through bespoke personal training programs – why not treat your skin requirements with the same proven service?

Just imagine what your skin could look and feel like 12 weeks from now.

Plus an at-home daily skincare routine – prepare to be wowed

in just 12 weeks*!

This really is the ultimate journey for progressive skin health results giving you a remarkable skin transformation at the end of the 12 weeks.

We will give you exceptional service, conclusive results and fulfil your individual skin goal’s. All will be tracked along the way with your 12 weeks to WOW passport. Hints, tips and motivation along with some cheeky ‘Homework’ to ensure you achieve your goal’s.

THE EXTRA BONUS – You’ll have your very own Personal Assistant for your Skin. 

AT BEAUTY 44 we do not just treat you in clinic and get you on your way, we really care and will be available for any questions or queries throughout the entire journey, simply just send a message and we will respond to make sure you stay motivated and stick with your goals. 


*Duration may vary based on skin type and condition.


Allow 45 minutes with your skincare specialist where you will discuss your skin goals together and work out the best in-clinic and at-home regime for you. At this initial consultation, your therapist will talk through their recommended approach to help you meet your skin goals. This will likely involve 6 Medik8 professional peels (spaced 10-14 days apart) and CSA homecare to use twice daily. CSA is our core philosophy for achieving Beautiful Skin for Life: vitamin C plus Sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night and is essential to your journey. You will be required to prep your skin with these for at least 2 weeks before returning to have your first peel. Click here to learn more.

We will also perform a relevant Test Patch for the peel recommended for your programme. 

At the pre-peel consultation, they will also take a photo of your skin from a few angles so you can track your progress over the course of the programme. You will also receive your 12 Weeks to WOW Skin Passport which is a printed booklet you should bring to each appointment which you and your therapist fill in together to track your progress and the treatments and peel strengths you’ve experienced. It’s a great tool to help your therapist tailor the very best programme for you. They are able to dial-up or down the types and strengths of each treatment so your experience is truly bespoke to you. Plus homecare can be reviewed as and when you need top-ups.


After 2 weeks of consistent at-home CSA use, you will return to clinic for your first of 6 professional peel treatments. All Medik8 peels have Time-Release technology which means minor discomfort is minimised. Every skin is different, but many clients describe the experience as either itchy or just increased heat on the skin. You can ask the therapist to remove the peel at any point in the treatment, but we find the majority of clients are easily able to have the peel on the skin for the recommended 10 minutes which only enhances the results. Time may vary dependent on skin condition or type.

After the peel treatment is concluded, it is neutralised quickly by your therapist and cool, soothing gauzes are placed on the skin to normalise it as quickly as possible. You will then receive beautiful pampering aftercare with Bio-Cellulose Mask whilst drifting off with a Neck, Shoulder, Hand & Arm Massage. This will be followed with layers of soothing serums and creams tailored to your skin type. 

You will leave the clinic make-up free but with your 3-5 day postcare products, everything you need to care for the skin to enhance the healing. Your therapist will advise you how to use everything to get the best results. All you need to do is follow the skincare aftercare and update your Skin Passport the following week. 

Appointment 8 – THE BIG WOW REVEAL

After completing your 6 peels, you will be invited back for 1 last in-clinic appointment to review the process and compare your before and after pictures. As well as celebrating the results with you, your therapist can then discuss how to prolong them and recommend an ongoing maintenance regime to help retain Beautiful Skin for Life.